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Gorillas at Loro Parque

Some facts about Loro Parque's Gorillas

Once they reach full maturity, male gorillas acquire a silvery color on their backs, and each leads a group as a dominant male. Hence the name "silverback."

Our 7 male western lowland gorillas are the big men of the park and rule over this enormous exhibition of 3,500 square meters, arousing great interest among visitors. This is a special group because they belong to a species that is critically endangered and therefore Loro Parque is actively contributing to their preservation.

Rafiki, Pole Pole, Aladin, Schorsch, Noel Kiburi and Ubongo are all single males who lived alone in other zoos in Europe, so Loro Parque brought them together to form a social group to improve their welfare. Pay close attention during your visit and find out why they are only 1.6% different to humans.

Meet the lions of Loro Parque

Did you know that ... the roar of a lion can be heard up to 3 miles (4,8 km) away?
THE LION, the King of the Animals, is threatened with extinction! For this reason, we have opened Lion’s Kingdom, a modern and very large enclosure where its natural habitat has been recreated, with arid scrubland, a small river and lake where they can cool off, and even a promontory rock, where these beautiful animals can rest in the sun. In their wonderful new home, three amazing African lions –one male and two females- have found a sanctuary. Our lions belongs to a subspecies from Angola that is currently seriously threatened by illegal hunting and the exaggerated human population growth, which has caused a drastic reduction of its habitat. In fact, in Africa, the lion population has decreased from 1000.000 five years ago, to less than 25.000 today! In their new home they live happy lives, far from danger and threats.

Loro Parque Tenerife Lions

loro parque lion

Parrots at Loro Parque

Say hello to Loro's Loros!

Loro is the Spanish word for Parrot, so Loro parque translates to Parrot park! The reason for this is simple. Loro Parque has the most diverse pool of species and subspecies of parrots  IN THE WORLD.

Since its inception in 1972 Loro Parque has created the most diverse genetic reserve of parrots that exists in the world, attaining more than 4,000 specimens and 350 different species and subspecies, which have been donated to the Loro Parque Foundation. Being too extensive to list in this short introduction, the parrots of Loro Parque are, on their own, a reason to visit and learn about these beautiful and diverse creatures. You can see the parrots performing in the show, or when you walk through the treetop trail.

Loro Parque Aquarium

The Loro Parque Aquarium consists of twelve different exhibitions with a total of 1,200,000 liters of water. All the water used to feed the aquariums is obtained directly from the Atlantic Ocean, only 150 metres from the park. The Canary Islands have water of exceptional quality, which is filtered, treated and sterilised through a system that guarantees optimum conditions to adapt it to each aquarium. Exhibitions with fresh water ecosystems use modern filtration systems that eliminate impurities and provide salt-free water. 

Interact with 1000's of species of sharks and fish in Tenerife

Loro Parque Aquarium

Penguins at Loro Parque

Say hello to Loro's Penguins! Penguins in Tenerife!

Entering through the tunnel of ice, you reach an extraordinarily detailed replica of the Antarctic, complete with an iceberg! This produces the temperatures and light necessary for four species of penguins (Gentoo, King, Rockhopper and Chinstrap). In the Antarctic these marine birds are found in colonies of hundreds of thousands to hunt the enormous amounts of fish that arrive every spring to the polar regions. When you see them in Loro parque, they are in a colony of over 200!

The kids go wild at kinderlandia - The adults relax.

Trees are waiting to be climbed, and rope bridges are waiting to be crossed or try the slippery-snake tunnel slide! Watch out for the Kinderlandia fairy who is always nearby with games, face-painting, music and fun. Meanwhile Mum and Dad can have a break and a coffee in the “Bambu Bar” and still keep an eye on their little explorers’ expedition through the Kinderlandia jungle. But the highlight for old and young alike has to be a ride on the Canary Island’s first family friendly roller-coaster, the “Orca Train”. Kinderlandia is also a great place for Birthday parties and celebrations.


Kinderlandia Loro Parque - see for yourself!

Fly free with the birds at Loro Parque Tenerife

Loro Parque Katandra have fun tenerife

Katandra Treetops at Loro Parque

Katandra, in the language of the Australian Aborigines, means ‘birdsong’ and Treetops of course refers to the topmost part of the jungle.

Now that you know what the name means, you can imagine the attraction - walking along a walkway high up in the trees, enjoying the blue skies and green trees filled with the most beautiful birds from Australasia and Asia. An enormous and spectacular attraction where hundreds of different species of colourful birds are just waiting to surprise you with their unique charms. Katandra Treetops is the most impressive free flight aviary existing on the face of the earth!


Loro Parque

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